I am looking to buy & invest in family or founder owned businesses in home services, tourism, or manufacturing.

If you are looking to exit or scale, I am looking to partner with you if you have built an enduring business. Ideally, your business would be located in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic.

My goal is to build upon the strong foundations that are already in place. I want to preserve and grow what makes your business special and find opportunities for your team to grow alongside the business as well. I am not a private equity shark or an opportunistic competitor looking to pounce. I want to help you find a meaningful long term home for your business, create opportunities for your team to grow and thrive, and build upon what makes your company special.

My Investment Approach

Here's what's important to me when I partner with a family or founder:

  • Build On Success . I believe in preserving and building upon the core of what makes a company special and investing in growth by building upon, rather than tearing down, the foundations that have made your business a proven success.
  • Take Care of Good People. Partnering with and finding ways to empower and provide opportunity for your trusted employees and team is a fundamental part of my approach. In almost every deal I’ve done, management has had a significant equity stake.
  • Win-Win Thinking. I know that good partnerships are created when both parties are fair and come to the table to work together and create
    a win-win. I don’t believe in doing business any other way. I won’t do a deal without feeling that it’s fair and equitable to everyone involved.

Who I Want To Partner With

Here are the kinds of companies I want to partner with:

  • Company Size: $1mm to $10mm in EBITDA
  • Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Based: I am based in Massachusetts and Delaware and primarily looking for companies in lower New England, Delaware, & Maryland.
  • Industry Agnostic: focusing primarily around home services, manufacturing, and tourism businesses.
  • Existing Management: strong preference for deals with some existing management depth or management team in place that I can partner with and grow alongside.
  • Recurring Revenue Component: looking for deals that have some form of recurring, predictable, or contractual revenue.
  • Scalable Growth Opportunities: looking for deals that can scale or have untapped growth potential.
  • Founder or Family Run: My approach typically resonates the most with a founder or family run company.

Let's Find A Way To Partner

Are you looking to exit, to partner for growth, or
sell a majority stake in a business?